6/14/2017 –  Blog Post #13

Zane Middle School Bullying Victim

The Zwerdling Law Firm is investigating the circumstances surrounding a school bullying incident that occurred on May 19, 2017 at Zane Middle School.  Here is our client/victim, a 6th grade student, being interviewed on KCRW New Channel 7.  A video of the assault was posted many times on social media and went viral locally.

California has very strict laws that require schools to protect students from bullying.  Some of the statutes that could possibly apply include the following: (1) “The Safe Place to Learn Act (Seth’s Law),” Cal. Ed. Code Secs. 234-234.5, and (2) Cal. Education Code Section 220 (which prohibits discrimination against anyone protected by Penal Code Sec. 422.55).

The Zwerdling Law Firm intends to conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether those laws have been violated.  If they have, we will take appropriate legal action on behalf of our client.

School bullying is a major problem and it is very important that schools do everything within their power to protect students from bullies.