In recent weeks, the news has been inundated with disturbing stories of powerful men committing sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood, the business world, and politics.  The public outcry to these accusations seems to be ushering in a watershed moment in American society where victims are unwilling to stand by silently and perpetrators are finally paying serious consequences.  One op-ed in the New York Times labeled this sea-change “the Post-Weinstein Moment.”

However, sexual assault continues to be prevalent; for instance, the number of campus sexual assaults is rising steadily and stories of these assaults often do not make the national headlines.  In fact, according to a recent federal study, conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics and the Justice Department, reports of sexual assault on college campuses have increased dramatically over the past 15 years.

With these statistics in mind, the Zwerdling Law Firm would like to let the community know that there are strong remedies available to obtain justice against abusers.  While any type of sexual assault can trigger criminal prosecutions initiated by the District Attorney (which can result in incarceration), it also gives rise to a civil cause of action for damages.  Such damages can include monetary compensation for any emotional and/or physical harm suffered, and in many cases the victim can also seek punitive damages against their abuser. Our firm prides itself on our ability to seek justice for those who have been through traumatic and damaging circumstances, at no up-front cost to the client.

The Zwerdling Law Firm also handles workplace sexual harassment or workplace sexual assault matters.  Sexual harassment cases often happen in workplace environments.  Employees have the right to be protected from any form of sexual harassment while on the job. Employers legally and ethically have to take all steps possible to protect employees from sexual harassment and to firmly discipline employees who are found guilty of sexual harassment against other employees.  If a civil lawsuit is brought for the emotional injuries suffered by the victim, the victim’s remedies may include reinstatement (if the victim lost their job), back pay (if you suffered a financial loss or did not receive a raise), damages for emotional distress, and attorney fees and court costs

At the Zwerdling Law Firm, we are here to help, and everything you tell us is strictly confidential. Our team of attorneys are easy to talk to, and you will find yourself in an environment where you will can feel safe and protected. We will help you determine what your options are, and how best to proceed in your case. If your abuser is currently facing criminal charges, we can help walk you through the difficult process of the criminal justice system and represent your interests as the case proceeds.

If you or someone you care about needs an attorney to help their voice be heard, please call the Zwerdling Law Firm for a free consultation.