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Testimonials & Peer Endorsements

Testimonials for Zachary Zwerdling

In the 40 years that I have known and worked with Zachary Zwerdling for the betterment of Humboldt County, I’ve watched him apply his skills to assist those in need of a voice in the legal system and who are at risk of being run over by those more rich and powerful than they are. If more attorneys practiced law the way Zachary does, our legal system would be more balanced, fair and effective. We are lucky to have him as a member of our community and as an advocate for fairness and justice.

– Wes Chesbro
Former State Senator, Member of the Assembly and Humboldt County Supervisor

Zach is one of the best, if not the best, plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys in Eureka. He is the only Humboldt County plaintiff’s attorney who has been nominated and elected into both the American College of Trial Lawyers (less than 1 percent of practicing attorneys receive this honor) and the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). I have been on the other side of numerous cases with Zach for over 30 years. His ethics are of the highest caliber and he consistently gets maxmium value for the cases of his clients.

– Paul Brisso
Litigation Attorney


Since the 1960’s when many of us were active on issues of the day, mostly spurred on by the Vietnam War. I was

 lucky to meet a young high school student who also had many concerns and wanted to create venues for community dialogue.  Zach, by being active on the Arcata High campus, wanted to help provide students  more ability for self-governance, where he focused upon developing a high school bill of rights.  He recruited the American Friends Society to come up and provide guidance to those who were interested.

He continued to be interested in developing  his understanding, perspective and involvement on human and civil rights, to where he is successful at defending individuals in their pursuit of protecting their rights.  Zach is clearly a tremendous lawyer, building on his own conscience and interest in the issues of the day, and I am pleased to call him a long standing friend.

– John Woolley

  Former Humboldt County Supervisor


I have known Zach Zwerdling since I started practicing law in our community over 20 years ago.  He was generous with his help and guidance when I was a new attorney.  His experience and depth of knowledge is remarkable.  Zach handles the most complicated cases with grace and professionalism. Throughout the 20 year that I have known Zach he has epitomized the highest standards of legal representation.

– Thomas Hjerpe

  Law Offices of Hjerpe & Collins, LLP, Eureka, CA


I have known Zach Zwerdling personally and professionally since 1994, and I can say without hesitation that he is the best trial lawyer in Humboldt County.

In my long career as an attorney I have seen many good and bad lawyers. Zach is the best of the best! Through my personal observation of Zach in the courtroom and through feedback from our local judges and attorneys, it is clear Zach is a brilliant trial lawyer.

Zach has the respect and trust of our Humboldt County judges, which is not as easy to earn as one might think. In my opinion, there are few if any lawyers in town who are as well admired by the judiciary as Zach.

Anyone can call him/herself a trial lawyer, but few are up to the standards that earn the types of notable accomplishments, respect and awards Zach has earned. He has earned this recognition with his blend of great skill, keen intelligence, and hard work. Zach also gives back to our community in many ways.

Whenever any of my friends or clients need a good lawyer, I immediately think of Zach. Several clients have taken the time afterward to call and thank me for referring them to Zach, citing his good results, dignity, integrity and humility.

Zach Zwerdling is the gold standard.

– Catherine Koshkin



 “Just for my daughter”

Several years ago I was devastated to learn that my nine year old daughter was sexually violated by someone that was wealthy, successful, and respected by local religious and business communities. Therefore the criminal aspect of the case was hindered by politics and a overworked and shortstaffed district attorney office. Adding insult to injury the result was a hung jury. Determined to get compensation for my daughter I needed help. Zach not only assured me that it was possible but without hesitation he took on the burden of my civil suit. His selfless determination was instrumental in not only our successful out of court settlement but also in my daughters vindication. Zach guided us through the courts with careful and kind consideration for my daughters wellbeing. He is so much more to us than her attorney, he was an answer to my prayers. For that and much more I will be forever grateful.

– Ana

 Former client

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I have been a practicing lawyer in Humboldt County for nearly forty years.  I have known Zach Zwerdling for thirty years or maybe more.  During that time I have watched Zach develop into one of the finest trial lawyers in our county.  A time or two I’ve opposed him in court.  Those occasions involved high energy advocacy, but were based on mutual respect and civility.

Zach is primarily a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney, but does from time to time venture out to other areas of practice, for example wrongful termination cases.

I have always known Zach to be fair, reasonable, and strongly supportive of his client’s interest and a man of unquestioned integrity.  These qualities are uniformly recognized by members of our county bar association and the judges sitting on our local bench.

– Will Kay



I started my legal career in the Humboldt County Public Defenders Office in 1975 and first met Zach when he joined the office a year later.  We have remained close friends since that time, traveling and hiking together and each being an important part of the others circle of family and friends.  Naturally, we have also followed each others career and I have been impressed, but not surprised, to see him rise to the very top of his profession in Humboldt County.  The hallmarks of his practice are integrity, hard work, a keen and inquiring intelligence and genuine concern for the aggrieved parties who have wisely placed their well being and future prospects in his hands.  Equally notable has been his selfless contributions to his community, providing free legal assistance where warranted, serving on various boards and commissions, and supporting local charitable causes and musicians through his great love for music and involvement in the local music scene.  Zach passed his passions for the law and music to his son, Nate, and I was delighted to recently hear that Nate is now a partner in the firm.  I have had the pleasure of watching Nate excel at every stage of his intellectual development, including the pursuit of his law degree, earning honors, serving on his schools law review and obtaining a coveted clerks position with the Presiding Justice of the 5th District California Court of Appeals.  I have no doubt that Nate has what it takes to follow in his Dad’s footsteps and become a formidable courtroom lawyer and respected member of the Humboldt County legal community.  It is without reservation that I recommend the Zwerdling Law Firm’s services to anyone in need of superior legal representation.

– Steve Weiss



Mr. Zwerdling has a reputation in the legal community as a preeminent and ethical plaintiffs’ attorney. This reputation is well-deserved. I should know since I am a member of a law firm which has represented clients on the other side for decades!

– William Mitchell


You need a lawyer. that’s why you are here. My advice is to hire Zach and Nate. You need to trust someone who knows the law.  You need someone to stand up for you in court. You need someone to listen and care. You are in the right place. The experience, the knowledge, the respect of other law professionals,they have it all. The skills of these two will carry you a long way. The judicial system is intimidating at times. They will explain, and get you through it all.  You will sleep better. They have helped me and my family, let them do the same for you.

– Tom Lurtz

  Former client



It is impossible to quantify the confidence I had in Zach during my case. When you feel like a victim, it can be hard to fight and advocate for yourself for as long as the legal process demands. But with Zach by my side, I never felt like I had to. From the moment he heard my story and confirmed the details, his dedication to my well being was steadfast. He represented my best interests with his full attention and backed down from no challenge. I am forever grateful.

– Carlyn Girard

  Former client


I have known Zack for 60 years. Its been great to watch his success as a musician family man, attorney, and supporter of local causes(the usual good guy stuff). When my family and myself was involved in a terrible injury accident and i needed help, i called on Zack. That’s when I found out that the depth of his professionalism. He not only handled a very complicated legal mess, he showed unlimited compassion to all involved. We can not thank him enough. Our community is lucky to have Nate join with you Zack. I guess the old saying is true “Mamma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboy’s”

– Dennis Mayo

  Former client


Zach’s reputation as a terrific personal injury lawyer is well earned. For over 30 years he has been in the upper echelon of personal injury attorneys in Northern California.

– Gregory Rael



I have known Zach Zwerdling for over 30 years. I cannot say enough good things about this man as an attorney and as a human being. He is one of a small number of attorneys I recommend. He has a reputation for treating his clients with dignity, fighting vigorously for his clients and for getting results. He is a highly respected attorney throughout the legal community both locally and statewide. If I were ever to need a personal injury attorney, I would choose Zach Zwerdling.

– Neal Sanders


Zach represented our family after we’d been in a serious out of state motor vehicle accident a number of years ago. Because the accident occurred in Oregon, part of the litigation had to be done by an Oregon attorney – Zach took care of finding us one. Zach was with us all through the entire process, always available to answer questions. His knowledge and understanding of medical issues and injuries was invaluable. When the time came, he negotiated balances on all the outstanding medical bills, then made sure we received a fair settlement from the insurance company. We felt looked after and well taken care of throughout the two years of healing and working through the legal process. It was a challenging time; thank goodness we had Zach to guide us through it.

– Donna Eitel

  Former client

Several years ago a nearby property owner vandalized the ancient Tsurai Village site and burial grounds in Trinidad California. Zach Zwerdling stepped into this complex issue with passion, leadership and intelligence. He has created a civil suit that we hope will transform how this sacred site is managed and protected in the future. We will forever be grateful for all he has done. You definitely want Zach Zwerdling on your side.

– Cindy and Joe

  Former client


Zach as been my First choice for legal advice and representation for my business, employees, friends and myself for over 30 years. He provides straight forward unambiguous answers or points you in the right direction. He also provides methodical research of your issue and clear direction on how to proceed. In court, he is always at least one step ahead of opposing council. He’s not afraid to take on powerful political or corporate interests. Your comfort level is high with Zach on your side.

– Larry

  Former client


Anyone who has been through a personal injury case knows how difficult and exhausting the process can be. Mr. Zwerdling was extremely helpful every step of the way. He treated me like a a friend without sacrificing his professionalism. My case was handled quickly and I was more than happy with the outcome. I was kept up to speed on all issues concerning my case and was more than prepared for trials, meeting, etc. Also, he was recommended to me by a colleague who was on the other end of one of Mr. Zwerdling’s cases, which I believe speaks volumes of his capabilities. Anyone with a personal injury case… this is where your first call should be!

– Cassie

  Former client

I hired Zach Zwerdling to represent me in a personal injury case in January of 2010. Zach Zwerdling represented me, and I found he and his team to be competent, intelligent and professional. The process was not fast moving, but Mr. Zwerdling kept me in the loop at all times, and answered any questions I had as things evolved. It never felt like I was anything but a highly valued client, and throughout I was treated with consideration and respect.

My end result was favorable, and I highly recommend Mr. Zwerdling and his team if you find yourself in need of such services.  It was refreshing to be treated like a human, in what could sometimes be a de-humanizing process. Zach had my back throughout, and I knew it.

– Angie Brenes

  Former client


Mr. Zwerdling is the best!

If you ever feel down and out after an accident, Zack Zwerdling will definitely lift your spirits. He’s kind, funny, really cute and can make you feel that he will have everything taken care of soon!

And, WOW, Kimberly, the assistant, she definitely ROCKS!! She can negotiate so well that she could be hired by our Eureka Police’s S.W.A.T. division!

– Deborah Pool

  Former client


Zach Zwerdling represented me in a recent legal matter. I was met by a kind, caring individual who was truly interested in helping me resolve a very tough situation.  I was quickly impressed by his knowledge and competence. No one could have represented me more efficiently or effectively. It was a great relief  to have an attorney in my corner who is so professional, and tenacious. I am forever grateful.

– Rachel Beccaria

  Former client

Nate Zwerdling’s Testimonials 

Nathaniel worked for us at Bay Area Bicycle Law a few years back and did a great job. I particularly remember one case in which we attempted for the first time in our firm’s history to seek punitive damages against a reckless driver who was not intoxicated and who the police and DA had already cleared of wrongdoing (it is very uncommon to seek punitive damages in such a situation). Although we were able to find five witnesses to corroborate that the driver appeared to have intentionally struck our client in a fit of road rage, the driver’s insurance company fought tooth and nail, filing brief after brief, to get the court to strike our claim for punitive damages. Nathaniel did a fantastic job helping us prepare responses and with his help we ultimately prevailed and achieved a fantastic outcome that, justly, was almost 40 times the amount of our client’s medical expenses.   

Michael Stephenson, Managing Attorney At Bay Area Bicycle Law:


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