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A Selection of Zachary Zwerdling’s Case Results: 

Hart V. Grimes, Berryman Products, C.P. Hunt
Practice Area: Personal injury
Outcome: $9.2 million verdict for the plaintiff

Description: Plaintiff was rendered a quadriplegic in a vehicle rollover caused by a defective brake cleaning product. This case was tried to a jury and resulted in one of the highest personal injury awards in Humboldt County History. As a result of this case, Mr. Zwerdling was inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers, which limits membership to the top 1% of trial lawyers in the United States.

Sund v. Stayner; Cedar Lodge
Practice Area: Wrongful Death
Outcome: Substantial Confidential Settlement

Description:  Mr. Zwerdling represented Jens Sund and his family in a civil suit for damages against Cary Stayner and his part-time employer, the Cedar Lodge at Yosemite for the murders of Mr. Sund’s wife Carol and his daughter Juli Sund. Mr. Stayner was convicted of committing these murders. Mr. Zwerdling was able to secure a significant financial settlement from the Cedar Lodge. Mr. Zwerdling was interviewed on the Today Show by Matt Lauer about this case.

A.H. v. John Doe
Practice Area: Child Molestation
Outcome: Substantial Confidential Settlement

Description:  “Several years ago I was devastated to learn that my nine year old daughter was sexually violated by someone that was wealthy, successful, and respected by local religious and business communities. Therefore the criminal aspect of the case was hindered by politics and a overworked and shortstaffed district attorney office. Adding insult to injury the result was a hung jury. Determined to get compensation for my daughter I needed help. Zach not only assured me that it was possible but without hesitation he took on the burden of my civil suit. His selfless determination was instrumental in not only our successful out of court settlement but also in my daughters vindication. Zach guided us through the courts with careful and kind consideration for my daughters wellbeing. He is so much more to us than her attorney, he was an answer to my prayers. For that and much more I will be forever grateful.”

Carmesin v. Boak
Practice Area: Personal injury
Outcome: $2.9 million

Description : Plaintiff was injured when an antique firearm discharged while being handled by another individual. The wound caused serious orthopedic injury. Ms. Carmesin was awarded $100,000 for loss of consortium. The case was tried to a jury.

J.P. v. Ingomar Club of Eureka
Practice Area: Workplace Sexual Harassment
Outcome: Substantial Confidential Settlement

Description:  Female employee of the Ingomar Club suffered repeated sexual harassment from an assistant manager.  The Ingomar Club failed to take appropriate measures to protect the employee and discipline the offending employee.  

Gund v. County of Trinity
Practice Area: Governmental Entity
Outcome: Pending

Description: Clients were assaulted by a deranged third party who attempted to murder them.  Clients allege that they had been sent to a neighbor’s residence where the deranged third party had just murdered the two neighbors and then attacked clients. Clients allege that a Deputy Sheriff who sent them to the neighbor’s residence did not advise them of the danger, despite allegedly having personal knowledge that our clients would be exposed to harm. 

Tsurai Ancestral Society v. City of Trinidad
Practice Area: Native American Rights
Outcome: Land Returned to Tsurai

Description: The Tsurai, a small group of Native Americans, has fought the City of Trinidad for over a hundred years to obtain control of their sacred village and burial sites on the bluffs above Trinidad. After six years of litigation, an agreement is close that will finally return the property back to the Tsurai and the Yurok Tribe. Mr. Zwerdling donated hundreds of hours of pro bono time to this case.

John Doe v. State of California; California Highway Patrol
Practice Area: Personal Injury; Governmental Entity
Outcome: $1.95 million settlement

Description:  The case involved our client, a 44-year-old male, who sustained major orthopedic injuries when he was struck by a California Highway Patrol vehicle that had lost control and crossed the center line on U.S. Highway 101.  The officer had been texting prior to losing control of his vehicle.

A Selection of Heidi Holmquist Wells’ Results as Senior Trial Attorney at the Public Defender’s Office

People v. Arreaga
Criminal Charge:  Double Homicide
Outcome: Full Acquittal

Description: Jason Arreaga was charged with two counts of homicide with the use of a gun related to an incident that occurred in Fieldbrook, CA in September of 2014.  Ms. Wells represented him in his first trial in 2015, which resulted in the jury being unable to reach a verdict.  Several months later, the case was retried, and Ms. Wells turned an original jury hang of nine for guilty and three for not guilty into a full acquittal on all charges. 

People v. Flores
Criminal Charge:  Homicide in Furtherance of a Street Gang
Outcome: Factual Finding of Innocence

Description: In 2013, Mr. Fores was falsely accused with murdering a man in front of the Royal Inn with a knife.  After quickly realizing that the District Attorney’s Office had charged the wrong person, Ms. Wells’ fiercely advocated that position and ended up getting the charges dismissed before preliminary hearing.  Ms. Wells fought for more than a year to get the District Attorney’s Office to agree they had gotten the wrong person, and in 2015 was finally successful in getting a judge to grant a finding of factual innocence on behalf of her client.

People v. Tree
Criminal Charge:  Double Homicide and Attempted Murder
Outcome:  Mitigated to Lesser Counts

Description: Ms. Wells was co-counsel for Mr. Tree, who was alleged to have killed two young people in Arcata, CA in 2013.  After over three months of jury selection, contested motions, and trial, Mr. Tree was ultimately convicted of two lesser counts of second degree murder with a firearm and one count of attempted murder with a firearm. 

People v. Miller
Criminal Charge:  Homicide
Outcome: Full Acquittal

Description: In 2011, Mr. Miller was charged with 2002 murder of a Eureka woman after law enforcement discovered DNA evidence that linked him to the scene of the crime.  As co-counsel at the 2012 trial, she helped secure a full acquittal of Mr. Miller.  When the “not guilty” verdict was read, Mr. Miller was released from the courtroom at Mr. Wells’ request.  The motion was granted, and Mr. Miller was able to huge his mother for the first time in over a year, and was then embraced by several of the jurors who acquitted him. 

People v. Burleigh  
Criminal Charge:  Felony Criminal Threats
Outcome: Mitigated to a Misdemeanor

Description: In 2016, Mr. Burleigh was charged with threatening a police officer after he was arrested in Southern Humboldt.  After a short trial, the jury hung, and Ms. Wells was able to resolve the case for misdemeanors instead of felony strike.

Note: These past results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.