The Zwerdling Law Firm has been retained to represent Kevin Orcutt, husband of the late Janine Orcutt, in a personal injury and wrongful death action arising out of a tragic motor vehicle incident that occurred on April 17, 2017 on Highway 299, two and half miles east of Blue Lake.  The Zwerdling Law Firm will also represent Stephanie Capoeman and Thomas Perry, who were passengers in Mr. Orcutt’s vehicle.  Details regarding this incident are set forth in the Lost Coast Outpost, Kym Kemp’s “Redheaded Blackbelt, and John Chiv’s Blog.

According to the CHP report, the driver of the other vehicle in this incident, Ms. Yecenia Wood, “for unknown reasons…allowed her vehicle to veer to the right off the roadway onto the shoulder.”  Ms. Wood, who was traveling westbound, turned hard to her left, lost control of her vehicle, crossed over the westbound lane into the eastbound lane, and subsequently collided with Mr. Orcutt’s vehicle.  There was nothing our client Mr. Orcutt, who was traveling eastbound, could have done to avoid the collision.  As a result, Mr. Orcutt’s vehicle veered off the roadway, traveled down an embankment, and ultimately collided with a tree.  Janine Orcutt passed away from injuries caused by the collision.

Mr. Orcutt, and two other passengers in his vehicle, Stephanie Capoeman and Thomas Perry, all sustained serious bodily injuries.  Ms. Wood was traveling with her five children and we sympathize with the tragic losses suffered by the Wood family.  

As reported in yesterday’s Times-Standard, the CHP has forwarded the matter to the District Attorney’s office to investigate whether to file potential criminal manslaughter charges.

If anybody reading this post either witnessed the incident or has experienced problems maintaining control of their vehicles at or near this section of the roadway, please call us at 707.798.6211 or send an email to to discuss.