The Zwerdling Law Firm was recently retained by an individual, Sarah, who suffered severe injuries after she was struck in a crosswalk at the intersection of I and 4th Streets in Eureka by an inattentive and negligent driver.

Sarah’s injuries require that she be limited to a wheelchair for the foreseeable future.  She is otherwise an active, outdoor oriented person who loves to walk, hike and kayak.  Sarah is a middle aged mother of two sons.  Because of the unfortunate negligence of the driver of the vehicle, Sarah is now facing substantial medical treatment, future pain & suffering, medical bills that will need to be paid outside of her insurance, and unknown future consequences caused by her injuries.

Sarah sent us an email about whether she needed an attorney.  She reported that when she read an account by local media of the incident and read that the driver, who was responsible, was trying to blame her, she decided that:

“I think it would enormously helpful to have someone on my team looking out for my interests, rather than me in my addled, post-concussion state trying to fence with a hostile insurance company. Also, I have no idea how to evaluate my claim and thinking about it makes my head spin. I have decided my focus needs to be on the recovery.”

We urge all people who have suffered serious personal injury to retain the services of a highly experienced personal injury attorney to handle their claim and not attempt to “fence with a hostile insurance company” themselves.  We look forward to working towards a successful outcome for Sarah.