Zach Zwerdling Community

Mr. Zwerdling believes in giving back to the community.

In 2009, Mr. Zwerdling was appointed by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to serve as a member of The Headwaters Fund Board. The Headwaters Fund Board administers a fund that totals approximately $16 million. The money is used to foster economic development in Humboldt County.  For instance, the Headwaters Fund has been used for helping to bring a second airline to the County and helping construct the new Fisherman’s terminal in Eureka. The Headwaters Fund has indirectly brought hundreds of jobs to Humboldt County and has also leveraged millions of dollars of economic development in the County. Mr Zwerdling is currently serving as Chair of the Headwaters Fund for the second time.

Mr. Zwerdling has served on the Board of Directors of the following non profit organizations:

Consumer Attorneys of California

Arcata House

Mobile Medical Clinic

Redwood Parks Conservancy (Current Vice-Chair – will serve as Chair in 2017).

In his current capacity as a board member of Redwood Parks Conservancy, Mr. Zwerdling has organized a benefit called “Rock The Redwoods” for the past two years. This benefit has raised thousands of dollars for the Conservancy. He is beginning to plan for Rock The Redwoods III which will occur on April 29, 2017.

Cathy Bonser, Executive Director of the Redwood Parks Conservancy has provided the following testimonial about Mr. Zwerdling’s contribution to the organization:

“Zachary Zwerdling has been an active member of the Redwood Parks Conservancy’s Board of Directors for several years. This year Mr. Zwerdling services as the Vice Chairperson of the Board. As Executive Director I can truly attest that Zachary Zwerdling’s presence has provided the Conservancy with innovative ideas, generous donations, thoughtful governance and unbounded enthusiasm to connect our communities to the public lands on our north coast. As an example, he is spearheading planning for the 2017 Rock the Redwoods musical forum to bring thousands of dollars to support our public lands while engaging the community in the joy of great music. Zachary Zwerdling has definitely been the man behind this successful event, which is only one tiny reason I value his commitment as a leader.”

Cathy Bonser
Executive Director
Redwood Park Conservancy

Mr. Zwerdling has served as President of the Humboldt County Bar Association and is currently a member of the Bench-Bar Liaison committee.

Mr. Zwerdling sponsors an annual event at his home called Lawnstock. Lawnstock showcases the best Humboldt County musicians for an afternoon of great music. Lawnstock is now in its sixth year.  Mr. Zwerdling solicits donations from local businesses and attendees at Lawnstock with the money after costs going to families of children with major medical issues. This money is used by the family for the typical expenses associated with travel to the Bay Area for medical treatment. Thousands of dollars have been raised for these families over the years.